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Get an appointment for PrEP made easy. Click below to get everything you need to start PrEP now. We offer testing, results, HIV specialists, doctors, pharmacy, counselling and free prescription insurance assistance. Fully covered PrEP is possible now.

LGBTQ Pharmacy

Full service pharmacy with all the prescription meds and knowledge you need including PrEP, PEP and HIV meds. We also have testing, treatment, and meds to cure Hepatitis C as well as free vaccinations! We do all your paperwork to get insurance coverage, government plans, and referrals needed - we help our LGBTQ+ community access free meds everyday.


Family Doctor Referrals

Have other concerns? We recognize the difficulty in finding family doctors and so we are here to help.

Let us find you a family doctor, GP, specialists for trans health, gay men’s health, mental health, counselling, or anonymous tested. We do it all!

At medsEXPERT Clinic + Pharmacy, our mission is to provide a space in the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village where LGBTQ+ clients can feel comfortable talking about their health, medical history, sexual history, orientation and gender expression. We are committed to creating an all inclusive, judgement-free, and sex-positive environment where everyone feels included regardless of their walk of life. 

By improving access to healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community through specialty services, medications, free information, testing, and private consultations, we aim to transform the local healthcare landscape.

Not only a place to get expert advice, at medsEXPERT, you’ll feel safe being who you are without fear of judgement.

We are proud to be the only true LGBTQ+ Canadian clinic + pharmacy as we are gay-owned as well as operated by an entirely queer staff that specializes in serving and providing support to our community. 


Dr. Michael Fanous - PharmD, RPh, HIV Educator and Activist

Dr. Michael Fanous is both an activist for LGBTQ+ rights including HIV/AIDS healthcare access and a pharmacist specializing in HIV treatment and prevention. He began working in Canada’s largest HIV clinic, Maple Leaf Medical, over 15 years ago. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2008 from Union University in NY before returning home to Toronto to continue serving his community at several pharmacies in Toronto's Gay Village including The Village Pharmacy and Maple Leaf Medical Pharmacy. He is driven by experiences that he and many of his peers have had to overcome accessing gay-friendly and knowledgeable providers - which is why he volunteers regularly as a counsellor and advisor to many community groups, AIDS Service Organizations, universities, and more.

As an activist, Michael continues in the fight against HIV/AIDS with improving HIV awareness, research projects, and opposing HIV-stigma. As a HIV pharmacist, Dr. Fanous advocates for access to PrEP, PEP, HIV Treatment, Hepatitis C and other LGBTQ+ related health concerns.

All of this lead to the moment where medsEXPERT came to life; to be able to fulfill so many gaps in the health market and our passion for exceptional and compassionate healthcare.

May - Pharmacy Assistant BSc

May studied genetics and computer studies at the University of Toronto. Since her studies, she has been working at multiple pharmacies as a pharmacy assistant before joining us at medsEXPERT. 

She is the welcoming face seen by most clients as they walk into the pharmacy, always there to provide assistance in any way she can. She speaks English and Tagalog.


Amir - Community Coordinator BMSc 

Amir studies Medical Sciences and French at Western University. He is responsible for planning all community events and initiatives conducted by medsEXPERT.

Amir speaks English, Farsi, and French. He conducts consultation for PrEP and PEP, and is very passionate about the field of LGBTQ+ health and HIV/AIDS.