At medsEXPERT Pharmacy, our mission is to provide a space in the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village where LGBTQ+ clients can feel comfortable talking about their health, medical history, sexual history, orientation and gender expression.

By improving access to healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community through specialty services, medications, free information, testing, and private consultations, we aim to transform the local healthcare landscape.

Not only a place to get expert advice, at medsEXPERT Pharmacy, you’ll feel safe being who you are without fear of judgement.


Gay Men's Health

Gay men and queer individuals have unique healthcare needs that set them apart from the average patient. 

At medsEXPERT, you can always feel at ease in a judgement—and-stigma-free environment. As a gay man and queer activist, Dr. Michael Fanous understands the needs of the Village community.   


LGBTQ Referrals

medsEXPERT has served thousands of clients, providing prescription medications, counselling, and referrals to LGBTQ+ and expert providers in Toronto.

We strive to link our valued patients with the best possible healthcare providers in the City of Toronto. 


Community Outreach

Our community is the reason medsEXPERT exists. From speaking engagements, to teaching classes for recently diagnosed HIV+ gay and bisexual men, to working with local clinics and AIDS Service Organizations, we do it all!

That is exactly why we have a community hall at 461 Church Street where we host community events, forums, and presentations.